Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Johnny Ray Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines

Posted: 2020-12-06


Think and Grow Rich Lessons - Chapter 6 on Imagination


This chapter knocks down and compares synthetic imagination to creative imagination. I love the quote that states a person is limited by their own mind. This really is such a true statement. A person with no goals will accomplish everything they set out to do, which sadly is nothing. A mind with no direction is sadly a wasted mind.


I had stepped back into the J.O.B. for a good while and for that matter, am still there. I have been blessed with a new child just a couple of weeks ago, and lead several ministries now within my church and am being trained to lead on greater and higher levels. We mush have desire in order to achieve anything. 


To put it simply, if I desire pizza, then I do something, an action, in order to get pizza. It could be calling Nona’s and getting that delivered (I love nona’s, you guys should come to the Philippines and get some of that, a shameless plug for them only because I love their stuff).or it could mean I step into the kitchen and make a futile attempt at making a pizza before I have one delivered. Making pizza isn’t my strong suit in the kitchen. The point remains the same, though. We must have the desire (thought) before any action can follow. 


Success comes with the action, but before any action, there must be the desire to set the action in place.


Two of the ministries I have been blessed with leading is are recovery ministries, which I am very passionate about. This was a desire in which I had in mind when I came to the Philippines. I did not expect it to come about in this way, however, I am now leading the entire Philippines in this ministry and maybe even all of southeast Asia in the coming months. This is not patting myself on the back, mind you. I personally just want to help people be free from the struggles of drugs and alcohol, but the desire was there for me. This opportunity has been given to many before me, however, there was no desire for these other people, so the opportunity diminished. 


What I do see in these strange days that are upon us in the ‘pandemic’ is plenty of opportunities. Should you have a desire for something, for me, it is a successful online business to be free from the proverbial 9 to 5 job, but for you, it could be something else, what is amazing is that there is more opportunity today than there was 18 months ago, which might have been my last time up on here in these lessons. I have been diligently working hard on my online business and getting all the bells and whistles in place. It will be up and running in the next 2 weeks. It will be profitable. Recognize your desire, dream on it. And simply KNOW that you can do it. When we know something, there isn’t doubt. It is listed as facts within our mind. There’s no question to it. That’s the beauty of knowing. Simply know you can do it. And then start taking the steps to making it happen, It might not happen the way you plan it, much like my experiences, but check it out… it’s happening. 


Much love from the Philippines,

Johnny Ray