Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-12-02



When I graduated from high school, my parents drilled in me that you need to go to college or your opportunities may be limited down the road.  My father was a respected Attorney in my home time and my mother who did not work at the time, had a Masters Degree in Counseling and Special Education, which she never used.   Nothing wrong with going to school, but have a reason for going when you complete the mission.  Needless to say education was stressed in my family.    Therefore I went to a small private Liberal Arts College in Minnesota.  The School had a very respected reputation in the Midwest and beyond.  Many alumni have gone on to do remarkable things from Successful Business owners, professionals, politicians, and an successful Network Marketing Couple.  Chuck Orstad and Kija Orstad met there, graduated, got married, worked, and became Amway Distributors.  Eventually they became Diamonds which is a big deal in Amway. 


These folks became successful because they had some faith, desire, and determination, not because they graduated from College.  As they say in the Marines, “The Few, The Proud, The Marines.” These individuals were the few and proud. The majority of graduates I know have done fine, have comfortable lives, families, friends, and homes.  They, however, have not changed the world.  Many individuals I know that graduated from State and trade schools have done just as well financially if not better.  The sad thing is some of these individuals expected the world to open their doors for them just because they graduated from there with a respectable GPA, were President of their Fraternity, could drink the most beer, or whatever whacky reason you can think of. 


There is one individual who is a friend, fraternity brother, and was a roommate who perfectly fits this mold.  He had a high GPA, was the President of our fraternity, and could party like there was no tomorrow.  He passed the CPA exam on the first try and got a job.  He did fine and eventually went and earned his MBA at the University of Minnesota.  From here he went on to Ecolab, which is a great company, but left, because he did not like Sales Professionals, because he thought their jobs were cake.  Interesting, because Ecolab would not be the company it is if it did not have a strong sales force. Anyone who has been in the sales profession knows this is not the case. The best sales professionals working at the best firms will have a bad day!


 My friend left and went to a large public utility company.  He is a Controller and doing fine in ordinary American Society Terms.  He, however, works long hours, and cannot stand self-made rich people.   


He really hates Donald Trump, for whatever reason.  I ask him why and get the same answer as I do from almost every Trump Hater.  He’s a crook, he is racist, he is obnoxious, he is selfish, and the list goes on.  I decided a long time ago that he has this attitude because Trump is wealthy and he is not. He has this same attitude about everyone who has more steaks in the freezer.  I finally said one Day.  “Greg, you are bright, talented, and can be likable.  Why don’t you start your own consulting firm or something?  You have had years of work experience and have gained a lot of specialized knowledge.”  He responded in a negative manner, “Then I would probably see my family even less at the start and that is too risky.”  Unbelievable.  If he cannot take a chance with some confidence and faith then he should not complain. I no longer talk to him about this and when he complains I simply ignore it.  He has been a good friend and I like him, but don’t want to hear it anymore.  I think he is just being sour grapes!


Back to my point, having a Liberal Arts Degree is fine, but it’s not going to open every door in the world even if you are Phi Beta Kappa.  You may get a job, but won’t be a pacesetter unless you show the iniative, are a problem solver, and work well with others. 


Also your education will never stop as Hill says.  Leaders are readers and study others.  In other words they read more books in their downtime than they probably watch the Idiot Box: television.  They, as well might attend workshops, conferences and seminars of other leaders.   For Example, Les Brown, Tony Robins, and John Maxwell are guest speakers at other Motivational Speaking or Network Marketing Functions.  I imagine they learn from each other and become more valuable in helping others become successful.


There are a number of unique individuals like these gentlemen I mentioned.  They, however, are a very small percent of the population.


Many people go to school, have a career, family, home, and do okay in the standards of the world.  Most of them will complain about limited time, live month-to-month, their boss, mother in law, or whatever.  They could find a Network Marketing opportunity with a five-pillar company or some other lucrative side hustle, but they won’t.  They will be like my College Buddy who will not want to sacrifice their fantasy football, Softball, Golf or Bowling league.  They are where they are at because they finished their formal education, got respectable marks, became employed, and expect the keys to the Kingdom?  Sorry it does not work that way.


There are a few that inherit the big fortunes like the Koch Brothers, Walmart heirs, Murdock Boys, even Hunter

“Slime ball” Biden.  Most, of us, however, are not born with the Silver Spoon in our mouth and handed over the fortune in due time. 


We have opportunities, which is up to us. I am confident it will feel much more gratifying and rewarding when we build something from nothing.  Plus we can be a great example for our Children, Grand Children and beyond.


Network Marketing is a simple concept, but not necessarily and easy business in the building stages.  We may all be in great companies with great products and services. The pay plan is top of the line.  Everyone, including the best, will however, get plenty of no’s and occasionally have a Bozo, make fun of them.


It helps to have specialized knowledge on positive thinking, mental toughness, and winning attitude. 


Mentoring for Free is a great place to get out weekly tune up.  Thank you Michael And Linda Dloughy for this wonderful program.  Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls.



James Chapter one verse five, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”


Michael Simon