Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2020-12-01

Hill tells us “First of all, decide the sort of specialized knowledge you require, and the purpose for which it is needed. To a large extent your major purpose in life, the goal toward which you are working, will help determine what knowledge you need.” It used to take a little effort to get specialized knowledge, you had to do some digging, go to the library, join a mastermind, find the right book. 


Now access to any kind of problem that requires specialized knowledge is easy, the only thing that could keep you from it is just being lazy. Got a problem with plumbing? The best glue to use for a certain project? A computer issue or problem with some other electronics? How to use the latest photo app? Just type in youtube and 9 times out of 10 someone has a detailed video on how to get it done. And if you don’t want to go that route there are masterminds galore on social media in the forms of groups.. My daughter is in one with animal lovers that have a couple of vets in it to answer problems that another member might not be able to give.


Yes technology can be a good thing if you need solutions to some of the problems like I mentioned. And with every good side there is a bad side…They can also be used to destroy a free way of life in a country that has enjoyed freedom for over 200 years by censoring any opposing view of theirs like anyone with a different view including the president. However I’m sure that after their eagerly anticipated demise there will always be another way to get knowledge because try as you may, you just can’t suppress truth. Jesus said 'the truth will set you free" And the media, will NEVER get the accurate truthful info on what's going on from them but just like a dam, when you plug it up and try to stop the flow, it just spills over into outlets that WILL give it to you, you just have to think critically and do a little searching.


Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for always giving us the accurate truthful information that we had all been searching for when we came upon Mentoring For Free and thanks to my friends and mastermind partners for sharing with me weekly.


Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al