Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2020-11-28

The only way to make this work is of course to have 97% of personal development BUT you must have 3% skills to get the job done.

That is due to the fact that we are paid for RESULTS. Nothing else.

The plan must be 20% effort and 80% RESULTS. If it does not duplicate do not do it. And 97% of your organization will be part time.

And part timers are attracted to part timers. And the more people you help earn an extra $500 to pay their bills, have a roof over their head and save them from declaring bankruptcy the more success you will have.

Because success leaves clues and people start out with a job mentality & then over time based on how coachable they are & how much personal development they have they go from the E Quadrant to the B Quadrant. Where 90% of the money is and only 10% are in at.

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: You are either working backwards by letting skills sit on the shelf just like Used Overpriced Schoolbooks are in a College Bookstore or you are adjusting your plan of action and getting paid from your results. Your paycheck is your report card here. Nothing else.