Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-03-30

Step 4 toward riches: Specialized Knowledge 

"Knowledge  paves the road to riches-when you know which road to take'  The blueprint given in this chapter can start you ten years ahead in any job by using any or all of the five major sources of knowledge this chapter gives.Knowledge is easy to acquire.Open your mind to the education that comes from experience and from contact with other minds.Henry Ford was "ignorant"enough to make a fortune.

Knowledge is only potential power  you can organize your knowledge to give you definite plans of action directed toward a definite end.

Hill says "attract money", not "earn money", not "make money", but "attract money". The philosophy he's laying out is about attracting money, not chasing it.Having riches come to you.We dont have to take something from someone else to get what we want .We dont have to violate the rights of others.

This is a philosophy of abundance,not scarcity. A philosophy of cooperation, not competition.If i use my specialized knowledge and imagination to show you how to get more out of what you already have, then you can freely give me some of the "more" and still have more than you originally had. We both end up better off.

Thank you Michael and Linda for the "more"