Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-11-04

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 1                                 November 4, 2020

Thoughts are Things


Hill states, “TRULY, ‘thoughts are things,’  and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE for their translation into riches, or other material objects.”


In the story of Pinocchio, after his miraculous transformation from a puppet to a live puppet, Pinocchio meets “Honest John” on the way to school.  He is told he is a natural born actor and is diverted from going to school by this temptation.


“Honest John: Yes? And with that personality, that profile, that physique… why! He’s a natural born actor, eh Giddy? (he nods)


Pinocchio: But I’m going—


Honest John: Straight to the top. Why, I can see your name in lights, lights six feet high. Uh, what is your name?


Pinocchio: Pinocchio.


Honest John: Pinocchio! P-I-N-U-O- uh, ha-ha, we’re wasting precious time. Come on to the theatre! Hi-diddle-dee-dee and actor's life for me a high silk hat and silver cane a watch of gold with a diamond chain. Hi-diddle-dee-dee and actor's life is gay. It's great to be a celebrity an actor's life for me. Hi-diddle-dee-dum and actor's life is fun.”

Soon Pinocchio meets Stromboli, the owner of the marionette show.  He performs and the audience loves him. Stromboli does not allow him to go home, since he has bought Pinocchio and puts him into a cage.

Meanwhile Jimminy Cricket (his conscience) tries to help, but is not able to free Pinocchio.  At this point, the blue fairy, whom he had seen before, arrives and Pinocchio asks her to help him.  She does, warning that it will be the last time.  She had caught him is a couple of lies and told him he must not lie again and he found when he lied again, his nose grew longer.


 As he gets free of Stromboli, he meets Honest John again, telling him the horrible tale of being locked up.  Honest John then buys him a new suit, some champagne, and cigars, after which, for a price, he takes him to Pleasure Island where everything is fun and free.


The story gets longer.  At Pleasure Island, boys are transformed into donkeys and sold.  Pinocchio escapes, eventually gets back to his maker, Geppetto, and is transformed again into a real boy.


The first written story had a different ending.  In the original, serialized version, Pinocchio dies a gruesome death: hanged for his innumerable faults, at the end of Chapter 15. At the request of his editor, Collodi (the author) added chapters 16-36, in which the Fairy with Turquoise Hair rescues Pinocchio and eventually transforms him into a real boy, when he acquires a deeper understanding of himself, making the story more suitable for children.”


With this story in mind, my following comments are included as my observations without emotion or malice, but with sadness for voters or their viewpoints.  What is now occurring in the United States has deeply affected many of my dear friends and many loyal citizens of our country.  My intent is to confirm, as Hill proved, that thoughts, even those placed in our minds, are things, whether based on truth or the lack of it.


Last night and again this morning I watched the effect of misrepresentation and lies to the people of the United States which have been unquestioned and unchallenged in the mainstream news for over 3 ½ years.  These are both lies by omission and commission, in my opinion, just as “Honest John” and “Stromboli” told to Pinocchio. 


By taking bits and pieces of comments from President Trump out of context, the mainstream press has been allowed to purposely cause many or our country’s people to “hate” him and even have kept them frdom hearing much of what he has done for the country.  The social media and even TV stations have censored him and blocked him from advertising. 


Even On Election Day, Biden made an effort to interrupt his listeners several times to be sure he included, “The worst thing, (repeating “The worst thing” 3 to 4 times until they listened}  “The worst thing for me, about Trump is his comment that the dead American soldiers in France were ‘suckers’ and ‘losers.’”  This erroneous statement printed in an article in the Atlantic Magazine was written with ‘information’ by 4 anonymous informants that were never revealed and were refuted vehemently in writing by 24 members of the company who were with Trump in France.  It also is totally out of context with his feelings and actions toward the military, but it has been allowed in flyers (I got one at my home,) and speech as truth from the day it was printed.  Who would not hate that!


I am saddened that honorable people who love America have no clue what the real plan is for us on the way to Pleasure Island, where everything is fun and free..


Thanks to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for encouraging us to become critical thinkers.  Hopefully, my thoughts are not offensive to anyone as I cherish each of you and your opinions in this mastermind and honor you as mentors and supporters


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado