Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-10-21



The Thirteenth Principle known as the Sixth Sense is where all the principles may come together and things will make sense.  Well that is the way I see it.  According to Hill this is the part of the subconscious mind that is the creative imagination.  I also has been referred to as the receiving set of the brain where ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into the mind.  “These flashes are sometimes called “hunches”.


I am making more decisions on hunches than ever before. I rarely did in my youth.  I worked as a sales professional which in many cases can be, very rewarding in a conventional career anyway.   The rewards come in the form financial compensation, trips to five star resorts and rewards.  This happens when you are willing, dedicated, and selling a desired product or service to your clients.  Like Michael says, we need to place ourselves with a five-pillar company, conventional sales career follows the same principle. 


One need’s to be in a good company that provides a product or service that brings value to the client that outweighs the initial investment. As a professional you need to focus on understanding the client’s needs and able to communicate to them the value you bring to the table.


The right company needs to take care of the productive employees.  They say that a company’s most important asset is their employees.  In other words they need to take care of employees with good compensation, benefits, and other perks such as trips, and anything that might be an incentive to the sales professional.  If a company fails to show appreciation for the top producers will probably not keep them around. Not everyone finds a good fit on every position.   I went through this more than once.


This happened to most in my early career.  The first five years in corporate sales were mediocre to poor.  I was able to feed myself, but lived paycheck to paycheck.    This happened because I accepted positions at firms that were a lousy fit for me and most other sales professionals.  I chose them because of the Company’s name and buying into the sunshine that some employers feed to sales applicants.  “This is a great company and you can make a lot of money here.”   Blah Blah Blah!!!


I bought into the song and dance, because I did not do the proper research on them.  What is the average income of the sales professional, turnover rate, and why employees leave?  I, as well never followed my hunches in the early days. 


For example I went to work for a large firm who developed a leading edge wireless technology in the mid nineteen nineties.  I worked for one of their competitors prior and was told that this was not the best place to work.  They threw unreasonable quotas on their sales team, lousy support staff, and the turnover rate was sky high.  I even called someone that worked there one night and he advised me to not accept the position and go somewhere else.    I unfortunately did not listen and took the job.  I was sick of my current employer and just wanted to get out of there.  I, therefore, jumped too soon and to landed on the wrong ship.  I had a lousy feeling from day one.  I worked there for six months before leaving in disgust.    I then went to another employer that was short lived. 


I finally landed a position with a company where I was able to thrive by working hard and working smart.  I became the top sales professional there in approximately a year.  I, as well was developing a hunch with a number of clients.  In many cases I could tell if the client was ready to buy and there demeanor with our firm.  I knew out product and service was the best value in our market at the time.  My clients probably sensed this, as well. 


I do my best to follow gut when making big decisions. In other words, I follow my hunches.  If something does not feel right I will stop.  For example I won’t buy a car or any major purchase from someone that gives me a negative vibe.   My wife and I were looking for a financial advisor to manage our securities.  The first individual was someone recommended by my wife’s employer.  The next week Jabbering Jim shows up at our house. 


He went into his sales pitch, which was pathetic.  He was not listening to our needs, desires, and concerns.  He even insulted me by saying,  “Mike, I am more concerned about your wife’s accounts verses yours.  You have your service connectivity benefits, which I cannot do anything with.”  This was an immediate turnoff.  We took his proposal and said that we would get back to him.  He followed up a few times with my wife, and no surprise did not listen to her.  We had already made the decision that we were not giving him our business.  We ended up going with an advisor who has worked with my family for years.  We felt comfortable from the first appointment. 


My experience with a big decision is research the options and follow your hunch.  If you have a negative gut feeling, you need to walk.  More often than not you will make the right decision.


The same goes when choosing a network marketing company. As Michael says we need to be an associate of a five-pillar company. That is a no brainer.  Secondly you need to follow you hunch or sixth sense.  A good company for one person might not be the right fit for someone else.  There are a number of Good Options, so go with whom you feel comfortable with. 

I have been with a number of different network marketing companies over the years and I finally feel comfortable. Based on my experience I am not alone.


After we have found our five-pillar company, we need to keep ourselves up and moving forward with a personal development and support system.  Mentoring for Free is the place to be.  As said before, we may represent different companies, but we are on the same path, and moving in the same direction.  Thank you Michael And Linda Dloughy for this wonderful program. Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls.


Ephesians Chapter one verses number seventeen.  “That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of him.”