Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2020-10-19

 Chapter 14,

The Brain The Sixth Sense!

From the book,

Think And Grow Rich!


The Greatest Forces Are Intangible!


The author is not a believer in, nor advocate of “miracles.”

For the reason that he has enough knowledge of Nature to

Understand that Nature never deviates from her established

Laws. Some of her laws are so incomprehensible  that they

Produce what appear to be “miracles.” The Sixth Sense comes

As near to being a miracle as anything I have ever experienced,

And it appears so, only because I do not understand the method

By which this principle is operated.  (Napoleon Hill)


If I want to bench press 300 pounds, I set a goal, a year from now,

I will bench press 300 pounds! All my free time it’s spent at the

Health club, I am doing the work that’s going to get me to my goal.

Sometime later I reach my goal, maybe I missed it by a week or

Two, or a month or two, however I made it, I am happy.

I will never mention the word miracle, because I know it was mainly

Hard physical work that got me there.


When I made the decision to figure out how am I going to bring

Out the best in myself, I am talking about the me I can’t see, the

Intangible me.

There is a audio by Richard Dennis, called a horse to ride, most of

Us listen to this past week, he talks about finding a horse to ride.

What he means is finding a system that will bring out the best

In your intangible self.

When I found Mentoring For Free, Think And Grow Rich Lessons,

I had to listen to the horse for six months, before I made the

Decision to climb on. Six months later climbed on to another

Horse called Toastmasters.  I am glad I joined Mentoring For Free

First.  It has allowed me to share what I have learned here at

Mentoring For Free Think And Grow Rich Lessons with my

Fellow Toastmasters. I shared in a speech last Tuesday The Power

Of The Master Mind!  Guess where that came from?


We all have great stories to tell on how we ended up here at

Mentoring For Free.

After being here a few years I feel like a Miracle has taken place.

I am not the same person I use to be, and the reason I am not

The same person I use to be, it’s because I am willing to learn about

The intangibles forces that are in this world that we can tap into.

I am willing to do the work write lessons every week, speak up

On the calls.  The best advise I got when I first joined Mentoring

For Free, went like this, Get the noise out of your head!

Ideas and hunches have come to me through writing these lessons.


A big Thank you to my Brilliant Master Mind Friends, who show

Up every week and post lessons once a week, we learn from each

Other, it really does work.

               Marty Roe

          Pine Bluff, Arkansas,