Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-03-30

Chapter 5—Specialized Knowledge


Perhaps the greatest benefit of Mentoring For Free is that it teaches us to become critical thinkers.


Once you become a critical thinker, the world opens to you.


When I came to MFF, I believed everything my current company at the time told me.  I believe it had the
best compensation plan because they told me they did.  I believed that spinning off one product and creating
a separate company was a good thing, because they told me it was. 


Once I learned the Specialized Knowledge of the Five Pillars, I was empowered to make smart decisions based
on accurate information, and not based solely on what company marketing materials told me.  Five years later I
remain 100% confident of that decision!


As we grow in being a critical thinker, we must continually update our skills. We can’t rely on being spoon-fed.
We must have the initiative to apply the Specialized Knowledge we learn.


Here are two examples.


  • Periscope just celebrated its One Year Birthday. This social media platform has been a huge blessing in my life
    because of the training I’ve received from top leaders in my company on a daily basis. When I can’t sleep at night,
    I grab my phone and earbuds and watch Periscope replays!


I recently had a new team member who was disappointed that he wasn’t able to attend our company conference.
I asked him, “Do you Periscope?” He wanted to learn so I shared with him my Specialized Knowledge about Periscope. 
Two days later I flew 1500 miles to Florida and my new team member experienced the conference remotely.  Through
the Periscope live stream, we were able to interact with him, answer his questions in real time and experience the entire
event together. Because of his attending the conference via Periscope, he was so inspired that he has become a
rock star distributor. 


  • My husband is a computer guru and learns technology easily, but he doesn’t like Facebook.Technology is challenging
    for me, but I love Facebook! Social Media is a powerful way to accelerate relationships and since I have a big “WHY,”
    I’ve been acquiring Specialized Knowledge on how to make COMPELLING posts. It takes me lots of practice to make
    my posts visually attractive and impacting, but it’s rewarding when people contact me after seeing my posts. They may
    have never written a comment or “liked” a post, yet they are WATCHING me.


My quest for Specialized Knowledge has taken me on a Social Media Adventure… and I’m having a blast!


Margi Starr
Springfield, Ohio