Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2020-08-24

Chapter 6,


From the book,

Think And Grow Rich!


The Greatest Forces Are Intangible!


Do not become discouraged if you do not fully comprehend all

That has been stated. Unless you have long been a student of the

Mind, it is not to be expected that you will assimilate all that is in

This chapter upon a first reading. 

But you will, in time, make good progress. ( Napoleon Hill )


Why don’t more people use their Imagination to stay out of


Lets say there are 2 family’s living next to each other, they have

Lived next to each other for 12 years, never had a disagreement.

One day something happens, and the 2 family’s start giving each

Other a rough time, put up security cameras, bright security lights,

Take out restraining orders on each other, they start packing guns.

And then it happens, somebody gets killed and somebody goes to

Prison.  And now, there are family members left behind with a

Mind full of what ifs? Why didn’t I say this? Why didn’t I do that?

I should have said something, I can’t believe this happen.

What if both family’s used their imaginations in a positive way,

They did not want anybody left behind with the What Ifs?

They come together and work out their problems.


When I joined Mentoring For Free, I was some what reserved with

Inside myself.   When I joined the Mentoring For Free system,

I had no idea I was surrounding myself with good people who were

Going to help me learn how to think not what to think.


My Desire pushed me into Faith, my Faith and Desire pushed

Me up against my comfort zone.  The Master Mind that we have

Here at Think And Grow Rich Lessons help me break the comfort

Zone. I now have stronger Imagination, when it comes to owning

My life, becoming the best me in all areas of my life.


Thanks to all my Master Mind Friends, We Are Mentoring For Free!


                 Marty Roe

             Pine Bluff, Arkansas!