Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kenneth Guernsey Guernsey Lubbock, TX,

Posted: 2016-03-29

Chapter 5 Specialized Knowledge

I especially like the part about Henry Ford not cluttering his mind with knowledge he does not need in his everyday operations.  I agree with that philosophy wholeheartedly.  Today knowledge is accessible so readily, much easier than the time the author, Napolean Hill was when writing his book.  With the internet, books online, online videos,  and online education, in addition to the old ways of libraries, book stores, schools and universities, we have access to education like never before.  We also have the ability to clutter our minds with knowledge that is unorganized and leads us to the problem of being very smart, but lacking in the ability to become in few cases, self supporting economically.

In my opinion, a strong passion and the ability to learn is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge focused toward a strong passion leads to succes.  This requires all the tools listed in this chapter about organizing that knowledge toward your ultimate goal of success. I like the quote in this chapter "An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others."  The certificate of completion for a university degree, does not necessarily meet that definition of an educated man.  It just means that this individual has been able to meet the requirements for graduation, and is presumed to be educated.  How the graduate organizes that knowledge would determine his success as a result of that education.  It is much better to establish a goal and acquire the education and organize what has been learned, than to acquire education with the ability to spew trivia, and have no place to utilize it nor have a desire to do  so.

Acquire the knowlege necessary to achieve our goals, organize it, and utilize it to reach for the top!

Ken Guernsey