Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2020-07-29


The First Step toward Riches


Hill says, "Anything we can conceive, we can accomplish." I claim the very same point a little bit differently, "If you are COACHABLE, I can GUARANTEE your success."

Being COACHABLE is establishing a BURNING DESIRE, a WHY that brings you to
tears. Phase 2 of STS.

Being COACHABLE on methods of getting CUSTOMIZED KNOWLEDGE as to what it takes to locate
one of the most likely means to accomplish that BURNING DESIRE. Action 2 of the 4 Actions.

Being COACHABLE are methods totally executing the PLAN FOR SUCCESS after
obtaining it on the mentoring telephone call. Step 3 of the 4 Steps.

Being COACHABLE is a methods examining individuals and spread your spider internet CURRENTLY! Tip 4 of
the 4 Actions.

Being COACHABLE ways uploading lessons regularly every week right here in T&GR

Being COACHABLE is doing the important things Barnes did to achieve his success, no
matter the length of time it takes. As Michael says, "Be right here a year from now."

Being COACHABLE means one DOES NOT need to understand whatever before beginning.

Being COACHABLE methods we will certainly do the Action 6 Hill has given us in this phase,
twice daily.

Successful people, after obtaining precise, sincere details, make decisions
quickly and seldom ever before changing them. Barnes did this. Hill likewise provides a lot of
examples of effective people who practiced this.

Over nearly 100 years, there have been 100,000 s of ordinary people who have
utilized this viewpoint to come to be very successful. Each person can do the very same,
if they are COACHABLE.

I thank Michael as well as Linda for doing as Barnes did, by developing a BURNING
WISH; by discovering what Tom Schreiter instructs; by discovering what Hill teaches
right here in T&GR. As well as by producing MFF utilizing the philosophy he learned from both
Napoleon Hill, Tom Schreiter and also others.

Thanks to all my MFF partners that share their knowledge and discussion each week

Bill Riske

Houston Tex.