Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2020-07-29

In this chapter about desire, things stuck out this time that didn't last time, and I'm thankful for these perspectives. 

First, we know that we must have a burning desire for what we want- whether it is financial security and riches, health, friendships or anything else. 

But this time in my reading, the story about Hill's son and his deafness and having such a sorrowful obstacle put in front of him that he decided to turn into a victory spoke to me in more ways than one. First he had to have a will that couldn't be broken, to keep taking time out of his day to make sure he had the right mindset first, and then all the different changes he made to his son's books- to fill them with things that would positively inspire him, even if they were the sublest changes. That's a lot of tedious work for someone to devote themselves to. Next, it was the waiting- waiting to see how changes would manifest and waiting on him to be able to show glimpses of understanding more. We get an idea of how many years it took and it was a LONG time. The hearing device finally came along that allowed him to hear as if he were born with the right anatomy, but I'm sure it would have come a decade or more sooner if they could have chosen the timing. But they had the persistence and the desire and never stopped. Most importantly, Hill's unwavering mindset transferred to his son's subconsciously, which is nothing short of amazing. 


The two things this really taught me is that faith was crucial to this outcome. Not necessarily faith in ones own abilities, but faith in God to bring it to come to pass in His own time- evidenced by the fact that Hill never gave up on the idea that his son would hear and speak. The number of years it took living day to day in a struggle didn't deter them. And it paid off, even though the timing wasn't probably what they ( or any human in such a struggle ) would have hoped for.

The other thing was the influence the positivity had even though the miracle wasn't coming for so long. As a boy he was still able to sell the newspapers and had the confidence in himself that he could do whatever he wanted because of the mindset that transferred to him. It also really taught me that it takes just as much effort to be downcast as it does to be hopeful and in my life, the only thing in the way of hopefulness is an intense fear that somehow the miracles are for "other people" and not necessarily me or  that I will be hopeful only to have my feelings let down. 


I remember only a couple of times my mother actually revealed her hurts and was candid with me almost as a friend in my life, and one of the main things she used to say to me was " if I don't get my hopes up and wish on something, it won't be depressing when it doesn't happen". And I realize this has stuck with me in a major way. I really felt bad for her in those moments and thought were that kind of family and that I was destined to have the same because my life had always mirrored those same experiences, even though she had never told me that prior. 


This chapter was a wake up call that you won't get let down when it " doesn't happen" because even if the timing is not your own, if you never lose sight of the desire to have it and the faith you back it with, you won't be disappointed. And in the meantime, your positivity likely inspires others. 


Thank you Michael and Linda for your help, guidance and tough love in helping us give up thought patterns that don't serve us. 


Kristen B./ Fairhope Alabama