Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Larry Griffin Shererville, IN, US

Posted: 2016-03-28

                                                      Chapter 5 

                                                                 Specialized Knowledge 

Know one knows everything, we all have a little knowledge about some area of something. However there are some people who have a little more knowledge in a certain area then others, we may call them experts in a given field. However the fact still they don't know everything. 

Specialized knowledge comes from many years of study, reading and being mentored by someone who has more knowledge then you in the area one wishes to  specialize in. I find it very important as Mr. Ford did to have a master mind group to participate with, thus bringing all the power of their years of reading and study and experience to bear when needed. 

Mr Hill states that even specialize knowledge must be backed up by a plan of action, or in my opinion it is of no more good in attaining a goal than general knowledge. 

When I have a question about lets say computers there is a mentor in my mastermind group that I can call who has specialized knowledge in this area and i get my question answered, if it is wisdom concerning life there is a mentor with more years of experience then I so I will communicate my concern to him and get an answer. 

So I believe also knowledge is not power, real power comes in knowing where to get the specialized knowledge you need to accomplish the task at hand. 


Larry Griffin 

P.S. Thank you all for helping me become a better person today then I was yesterday.