Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Saira Syeda Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom

Posted: 2020-06-26

A Human Brain is a wonderful machine that transmits all sorts of vibrations through-out our life consist of (days, weeks, months, years, a decade, and a century). Since our childhood, we are tuned to believe a certain philosophy of life that life is difficult. A child hears countless “NO’s” when s/he is growing up. The strange thing is, none of us understand anything completely. We call water, as it was taught to us that it is water but how it came into being, no one knows. As Sadguru stated in one of his lectures that we only know the name of things but do not know anything with the entirety, how a thing is made. How water can be so silky when it drops from the highest place that it is like purified oil. I am astonished by this chapter and the scientific research in that age when Mr. Napoleon Hill was writing this book. We are so rich already by having gifted by nature with such an extraordinary tool that when we are All being in (as Michael Dlouhy rightly advised in his call) only then, we manage to understand the glimpse of telepathy. We all experience the vibrational effect in our day to day life but never realized how that happens when our loved ones utter the same thing just before we are about to say that word.

The Autosuggestion, mastermind, and the art of creative imaginations can lead to a different arena of life. I am struggling to understand that why we get connected to all the negative words so closely and live in the past or future but never feel the "power of now" as Eckhart Tolley's masterpiece elaborated the fact in his book. If we just focus on the current moment, life starts to shift. When we begin to own our life in our hands and take the control back from others, we feel a pleasant breeze all around us. And you will say to yourself, "everything happens for a reason at the right time, but we take time to understand the blessings of every difficulty in our life.

As we all have started to see that world dynamics have changed in this pandemic and life is bringing new opportunities, I wish and pray that we use our Brain to make this earth a better place for ourselves and for the new generations to come.


Thank you MFF team,