Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ryan McChesney Tampa, Florida, United States

Posted: 2016-03-28

Chapter 5

Specialized Knowledge


Have you ever heard of the old saying, “Throw enough mud at the wall and some of it will stick”? In this chapter, Hill suggests that general knowledge does not translate to riches. Only knowledge that is backed up with a definite plan of action and acted upon, will translate to riches.


So why did I ask you if you have heard of that old saying? We have all heard that saying before, and it is meant to be a positive statement to go out and try something we haven't done before. However, that statement can actually do more harm than good. Let me explain why I believe this.


General knowledge is just like throwing mud at the wall. You're not exactly for sure what to do to accumulate riches, so you just go out and try everything that you come across as the next best thing. Now let me ask you this. What if you had a clear vision on what you want and where you want to be, and then you seek a mentor that has done that and is still doing that to this day? In addition, that mentor helps put together an action plan with you on what you need to do to reach your goal? Now that is more like taking that mud, knowing your target, and hitting the bullseye.


So my question for you is this, would you rather have a clear vision on what you want with a definite plan of action? Or would you rather keep throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks?


Ryan McChesney

Tampa, Florida