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Posted: 2020-06-10





The Ninth Step toward Riches


Napoleon Hill writes about the “Power of the Master Mind” in this Chapter as:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”  He goes on to talk about the power of surrounding yourself with intelligent people, and working with those people to get to where you want to go faster than only using your mind.

He brings up Andrew Carnegie as someone who was consciously using mastermind groups and who attributed his entire fortune to the knowledge and power he accumulated in his master mind.

I say consciously because there’s a chance you may have once been in or are currently in a mastermind without even knowing it. For example if you’re on or have been on a team working towards a common goal, that can be considered a mastermind! Or you may be talking to friends on a regular basis and getting their feedback on things your struggling with, this can also be considered a mastermind!

Mastermind groups provide entrepreneurs and individuals  with the tools to reach their greatest potential in a very supportive environment  via strategic planning, positive support, motivation, affirmations and goal setting while helping you overcome obstacles to growth!  It's a business investment that always pays for itself and helps you to achieve your absolute best!

Are you tired of feeling like you work alone? The people around us have everything to do with our success! 

This mastermind group could be your link to achieving greatness while allowing  you to tap into the true source of group mind power.

Here at Mentoring For Free  will provide you with a strong support network of like-minded people who are able to help you with exponential growth towards achieving  your goals and dreams using the secret principles for success. Here  is where you work with People who will not let you fail, but hold you accountable till you get  to the next step where you need to go on your journey!


Thank You Nathan for introducing me to this wonderful platform and thank you Michael and Linda for creating a platform where I can  Learn "


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