Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2016-03-28

Chapter 5 Specialized Knowledge

Specialized knowledge is an essential ingredient in
transmuting an idea into reality.  If your intuition is
telling you to create income through network marketing,
and you have a burning desire to do so along with
faith that you can make it happen, then you need to seek out
the specialized knowledge it takes to make success a reality.

Some of the specialized knowledge is technical skills such
as marketing, advertising and the effective use of social
media to get consistent results.  In addition we also need interpersonal
skills such as we get in the color training that allow us to
quickly establish rapport and find out what it is that people
really want so we can help them.

Another skill is the personal development that allows us to
become the kind of person others want to do business with. For
example, Michael often talks about our need to increase our success
thermostat so we don't sabotage success as it comes along.  

Sabotaging could look like making a lot of contacts, following up, setting
coaching call appointments, and then feeling overwhelmed and taking
a break forcing us to keep starting over again.  Or it could look like
not doing follow up calls or failing to send follow up emails to prospects. 

To increase our success thermostat we need to fundamentally
change the way we think about money.  Attending the weekly Think
and Grow Rich calls, writing lesson plans and participating regularly
provides much of the specialized knowledge we need to do this. 

Other sources of specialized knowledge that can help us raise our
success thermostat are  books on subjects related to money and
money consciousness.  In a book I am reading at the moment, the
author suggests  one of many things we need to develop is an
observer part of ourselves that views the assumptions we are making
about money, questions them and comes up with alternatives if these
beliefs are keeping our success thermostat too low. 

For example if we believe  that money is a corrupting influence
(the root of all evil) then it follows that having too much is suspect.  
If we can quiet the chatter in our minds enough to be able to step
back and question these kinds of beliefs, then we can change them. 
This is another way of saying that we need to learn how to think not
what to think.  

Mentoring for Free with its emphasis on self development is a
powerful source of specialized knowledge on learning how to think. 
It is also essential to seek out other sources of this same knowledge. 
The information we get in books may be very similar, but  hearing it
expressed differently can often help make the concepts come alive in
a new way so that we grasp them more quickly. 

And it's important to remember that the process never stops.  Hill
says that successful people "never stop acquiring specialized knowledge
related to their major purpose, business or profession."

In gratitude,

Celeste Smucker Nellysford, Virginia

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all."  Helen Keller