Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2020-06-08

Chapter 10,

Power Of The Master Mind!

From the book,

Think And Grow Rich!


Some people undergo the experience of alternating between

The positive and negative sides of the stream, being  at times

On the positive side, and at times on the negative side.

(Napoleon Hill)

Power is essential for success in the accumulation of money.

Plans are inert and useless, without sufficient power to translate

Them into action.    (Napoleon Hill)


When I was growing up, I saw the people around me going from
positive to negative, negative to positive, I realize that’s the

Reason I grew up that way. As time went on I started looking

For a way to live a more full life, a way to bring out the best

In myself. I read successful peoples biography’s, I listen to

Great speakers on cassette tape. I would often ask myself,

How did they get to be such good leaders? They don’t care

What anybody thinks, they just go out there and let it fly!

I believe some where along the way Great people are

Influence by somebody in their life.

I realize I did not have the power to put me into a more

Positive mind set, in order to be more successful I needed

A positive mind set. Going from a positive to a negative and

A negative to a positive mind set that is a normal way of

Living your life.

This Master Mind we have here at Mentoring For Free,

Think And Grow Rich Lessons, this is where we can get the

Power to break away from that normal way of life.

We learn how to think not what to think.

All area of our life are important, their should be more to life

Than going to and from work every day.

We learn how to interact with people, take time to help


We learn to be thankful for what we do have.

We learn how important it is to pay it forward.

We learn from Michael how to put a plan together and take

Action on it.

We can get the power we need to break away from that get by

Life style here at Mentoring For Free.

It’s nice to be a part of this master mind Think And Grow Rich

Lessons made up of brilliant people from around the world.

We Are Mentoring For Free!


Marty Roe

Pine Bluff, Arkansas.