Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tony Koker Stoughton, MA, United States

Posted: 2016-03-28

Think and Grow Rich - Specialized Knowledge

   I've read that before. I identified with the ideas. I liked the book. These are all statements I've made and heard from others about this book, Think and Grow Rich. I know I'm talking to the choir, so to speak. You know, the people in the choir have heard all of the sermons before, multiple times, as they hear everything, every week, while in practice or performing. Just like those of us on the forum and the conference calls.
   Further, our program, Mentoring for Free, where we learn HOW to think (again), not WHAT to think, is where we illustrate the skills, for the discerning mind, those who are connected and openly thinking. We are critically thinking. We always seem to raise the bar.
   So how, then, does this book and group really help me in my internet, network marketing or MLM business? I love answering this question, because every single chapter in this book applies.
   Thoughts are things reinforces our belief in our ability to forge our own reality. If we think it, we make it happen.
   Desire anchors our WHY. It energizes our thoughts and helps propel us forward in action.
   Faith keeps our belief alive, in spite of physical evidence right this second.
   Auto-Suggestion keeps our Desire alive, minute-by-minute, each day.
   I could go on, thoroughout the book, but here we are on Specialized Knowledge. This book, this mastermind group, and our continual mentoring and coaching provide the blueprint. Using our critical minds, together, we help, aid and assist each other to reach our goals.
   It is not a one-time sugar pill, or push-button solution. It is a well-worn path, laid with iron rails. We choose our vehicle. We get it on the track. We find the ways to move it forward. We have or find a five-pillars company. We learn the compensation plan to maximize results. We move into action, acquiring clients, customers and reps.
   To build and sustain momentum, we work together as a team. The more hands, the lighter the effort needed.
   What better way to success than through the experiences and tools used by 500 of the most successful people. Seasoned by the knowledgable gurus we have in our fold; those who have accomplished what we desire, and continue to do so, share their experience with us as well.
   As part of my daily gratitude reflection, each morning and night I see my small stone with the letter "G" upon it. It reminds me to count my blessings and feel gratitude for the positive people and ideas in my life. Mentoring for Free is always high on this list. Success is not a destination, but a journey. It is supposed to be fun. If it is not fun, then we are doing something wrong. I am having fun. No, I am joyful!
   Together we are joyful, sharing, giving and receiving these our specialized skills for business, personal relationships and life itself.
with gratitude and in service,
Tony and Lisa Koker