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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-06-03




Almost everyone I have ever met wants something bigger and better than they have. More Money, bigger house, boat, freedom the list goes on.  Very few will ever get what they want because they will quit. Many will quit at the first setback.


I like to use Sports as analogies and examples. Most of the athletes who are the considered the best are not necessarily the most talented athlete.  Jack Nickolas was the best of the best. Nobody has won more majors than the golden bear.  He had some athletic ability, but was not necessarily the most gifted. Jack worked his tail off. In other words he was persistent.


Nickolas would play a minimum of eighteen holes of golf and hit a minimum of ten buckets of balls daily. He did this day in and day out. That is not just desire, that was an obsession.  A more current example is John Daly. Tiger Woods said one time that Daly had more natural talent than most golfers on the tour. John, however, never was the best. He did win some majors and had his following, but he could have won many more. He unfortunately had some weakness and inner demons that held him back.  

Again the best player is not always the most talented athlete.  The persistence is what takes you to the top.


Persistence is the key in conventional business.  Ford and Edison made history and a fortune. Milton Hershey was another one. He went bust three times before making his mark on the fourth venture. If he had stopped I might have never been able to enjoy Reese Peanut Butter cups or Kit Kat’s. All of these tycoons has persistence.


The same goes in Network Marketing.  Many join, but only a few will succeed.  The top earners in different companies have the access to the same tools as everyone else. Everyone gets no’s, insults and have bad days. This will be the end of most who will put their tale between the legs and go back to a life of quiet desperation.  The top earners keep on trucking to their goal. Most will keep on going with new goals and dreams.  Why, because they were persistent.  


Does not matter how many times you fall, it’s whether you get up or not that matters.


Mentoring for Free is the perfect place to be for enhancement from likeminded people who are going where you want to go or living the life you want to live. Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this wonderful program. Thank you Rick for connecting with me and always being there. Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly lessons.


James chapter one verse four, “And leg endurance have its perfect result, so you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”


Michael Simon