Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2020-05-20

Chapterr 7 Organized Planning


The Sixth Step toward Riches 

The most important step is a DEFINITE, practical plan, or plans, through which this 
transformation may be made.

Hill tells us that first You are engaged in an undertaking of major importance to you. To be sure
of success, you must have plans which are faultless.
Second. You must have the advantage of the experience, education, native ability and imagination 
of other minds. This is in harmony with the methods followed by every person who has accumulated 
a great fortune.

Organized planning isd very important because without it we ared as a ship ont he water without a 
plan or destination.

OPrganized planning keeps usd on course so we know what needs to be done in our business to be a
successful marketer and rerdach the goal that we have set for ourselves.

This has been a challenge for me because some times things come uyp and we have to change our 
course. So we need a plan of acvtion that allows for us to makje those changes.

Thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for giving us this platform to guide us to make good 
choices and good plans to achieve our goals.

Thank to all my Master Mind parteners that each week share their knowledge and posty lessons to
give us differnt perspectives of the chapter being posted

Bill Riske