Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2020-05-20

Napoleon Hill says in this chapter “For six years, from 1929 to 1935, the people of America, both rich and poor, barely missed seeing “Old Man Economics” hand over to the sheriff all the businesses, industries, and banks. It was not a pretty sight! It did not increase our respect for mob psychology through which people cast reason to the winds and start trying to GET without GIVING.”
At the current time we see the same happening from the corona virus. With all the closures and work going away. We see those who have done the right growing as they have helped in some way, through volunteering as a person to a organization, even saying they’d do for free as have said I am happy to help out although it occasionally was taken for granted. We need a plan on ways to help those who genuinely seek our help.
I am needing to build that plan to build the business and help those families of Australia and New Zealand families to live better lives. This plan will need to include the following areas to say the least.
• Health
• Family
• trains
• holiday
• personal development
• giving back
These are the areas to say the least that need to be put together and made into the plan.
Thanks to the amazing team from mentoring for free, especially my fantastic Mentors Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dlouhy for Your continued guidance, love, support and encouragement. Thank you aswell to my amazing wife for life Jenny for Your own support and love which You give freely every day.
Big hugs my friends,
Your friend and mentor for life,
Ben Drake
West Ryde Nsw Australia
Helping Families of Australia and New Zealand families to live better lives