Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2020-05-12

Do you have a detailed plan for achieving your goals? (Remember a Goal is a dream with a deadline)

If NOT then sit at the kitchen table-Away from the other objects like the sofa & the bed. Because they are places where you can lay down & that's a distraction!

When alert!! MORE IDEAS" come  to mind!!

Drop the idea of " How"!

Focus on The WHAT!!

Once you have an idea write it down and DO IT!

Here is my best answer on being clear on what you want.

Here is Dr Gunsaulus take! We all have to find ours including myself! None of us are done but we can use his to create ours!

"To organize a great educational institution where young people would learn to do practical things & at the same time develop their minds."

Lesson learned from this chapter Not Going Back for your notes proves a point! You don't have to wait for everything to fall into place just DO IT!!

Furthermore Mel Robbins trains you to make decisions with the Five Second Rule!! Five, Four Three Two One Go!

Lawrence Bergfeld 

PS: Like I remember from How To Get What You Want Zig Ziglars CD! Those who wait until Aunt Matilda to move out get cooked in the squat every time! You want to AVOID getting into that crowd at all costs because they will make your mind too crowded!