Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mark Sexton Gatesville, TX, United States of America

Posted: 2016-03-23

I feel that my subconcious is taken over sometimes. I wish I had complete control of it. Use it as a superpower. I use it sometimes to communicate with God and people that I love who are passed. Controlling it sometimes seems to be troublesome.

I get the analagy of weeds in the garden because you have to consistently weed your garden to keep out the weeds. It it seems unless you have a greenhouse around your head then even sometimes things can fly inside of that greenhouse. Can you control your subconcious? Can you weed everything out of it, or is it just a consent battle?

Can it be controlled? Can other people control it at their leasure? It seems now a days that young people's subconcious is trying to be taken over, just picking their friends don't work anylonger. We have to get right down and dirty because that is what is influencing our young people now a days. Down and dirty tactics, are you going to allow dirty tactics to dictate or are you going to fight fire with fire!

Everyday I get better, everyday I will love myself or someone else. Auto suggestion I feel can be a wonderfull tool for my mind, as long as I can keep the weeds out of my garden!

Concetration is hard for me sometimes.