Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lynn Gunterman Louisville , Kentucky , USA

Posted: 2016-03-23

Auto-Suggestion is everything.  It can make or break you, plain and simple.  

It is so powerful that it can make you believe the lies you tell to yourself.  It is so powerful that it can give you confidence.  If I say something at all negative about myself, my husband (Jimmy) will speak up and say "Don't you talk about my wife that way!!  She is beautiful, smart, talented, a wonderful wife & mother and I love her!!"  He tells me several times daily that I'm sexy and he loves me.  He knows how important it is for self-confidence.  He stands beside me with whatever decisions I make and tells me that I'm smart, he believes in me and he knows I will make it happen.  Auto-suggestions works not only by what you tell yourself but also by what you allow yourself to listen to from others.  It all enters your subconscious mind.  Rather positive or negative!!

I have always wondered about lie detector test because I know some criminals can CONVINCE themselves that they did nothing wrong; that they didn't commit murder or rape etc.  and they actually believe what they are saying.  The court system finally decided not to allow lie detector test evidence in the trials because they are only 60% accurate!!  WOW, only 60% accurate!!  (I done research on this during my study on auto-suggestion.)  So, now there is controversy on a new machine for a lie detector test called FMRI, Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging or functional MRI.  The technology measures brain activity by detecting changes associated with blood flow in the brain.  It is possible to predict, for example, the emotions a person is experiencing solely from the FMRI.  It has only been available for 15 years and was intended to help detect illnesses and diseases.  Companies are trying to profit off of it by expanding the usage to include a lie detector, something it wasn't created for.  Now, we all know that the original lie detector has been thrown out of the courts because of inaccuracies!!  So why in the world would they allow this new technology knowing that some criminals have no emotions at all and this is what this new technology is relaying on, emotions.  Well, many states have said no to allowing this technology evidence into the court system; but this is not the case in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Army Ranger Gary Smith having been convicted in two trials for killing his roommate Army Ranger Michael McQueen on a third trial was going to be allowed to use this new technology to show that he had passed this lie detector, FMRI to have his conviction overturned.  Before the court date, for some reason they allowed him to take a plea bargain to become a free man after only 9 years of an original sentence of 30 years!!  They were solely going off this new evidence of technology.  First of all, we all know that technology isn't always reliable.  Secondly, we know that some people are able to "trick" their minds (subconscious) into believing whatever they want by using auto-suggestions.  I personally believe that this is really common sense!!  Therefore, why on earth would any judge allow this into trial as evidence??!!  Maybe this judge needs to plug into or just read 'Think And Grow Rich'.  Maybe, just maybe then she would understand this one chapter and see why criminals are so convincing and believe their own lies.  Now then, if this can work for criminals in the negative then why shouldn't it work for the good of us for the positive?  It absolutely can!!  Only if you believe.  Become a critical thinker.  

God Bless Each Of You,

Lynn Gunterman