Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2020-04-01

I feel blessed that I can see some ways in which my thinking has already evolved from what it used to be. For instance, I've always been a facts person who kind of fear-mongers over things and then in turn, needs more facts to "dispel lies" when really I used to just find myself using those facts as ammo for MORE FEAR. 

I never thought I would get to a point where I just "didn't want to know", but lately I have caught myself choosing not to look at or watch things that stir curiosity which will eventually = worry to me. Or if someone is talking about something negative that I know won't benefit me, I've realized it's okay to say "let's move on" or to change the subject. It feels so empowering to actually be able to say " maybe I shouldn't hear about this" and then actually drop the matter and NOT go look it up for myself on the google machine. 


I have to say, I still struggle with this. With my vast range of  health issues, I've been able to become my own advocate and intuitively ( through God) hear what my body has to say and know what I need to do more than most Dr's can. So sometimes I still need to research. But I feel there's a fine line between taking ONLY the information I need and continuing to look for the worst case scenarios. To subconsciously seek out the things I'm most afraid of, so I can read about them, and then worry myself sick over them. 


As you can probably tell, of this whole chapter, the fear of ill health is the one I am most entrapped by. But what really stood out to me reading this was Michael's example of THE cancer that was in a part of his body, and how he cut off everyone who tried to pollute his mind with statements that would not be useful or beneficial to him. I would love to be at a point someday where I can block out any statements or opinions anyone wants to share with me that are NOT beneficial, and stay strong without the need to seek them later. That's real strength to me. 


Another thing about this chapter that was really powerful is the fact that we are so easily influenced subconsciously by other toxic minds. It brought to mind a classic hostage situation portrayed in a movie or TV show. Usually there's a state of panic that isn't resolved until one person stands up and says " we ARE going to get out of here" and all of a sudden everyone else's state changes from total hysteria to the belief that they'll be okay and a plan and the will to execute it. Might be a superficial example of something that doesn't happen very often but I thought it was very exemplary of what thoughts are actually like and how one persons thoughts can heavily influence so many others, negatively or positively. 


So the goal is to be the person who is thinking the things others need to think and the one who turns the negativity they receive from the ether into garbage that gets dumped right away. 


Thank you so much to Michael and Linda Dlouhy and everyone in the MFF group for sharing your knowledge and life experiences. 


Kristen B/ Fairhope AL