Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-03-19

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 15 – The Brain

The twelfth Step toward Riches


This is a fascinating chapter.  I know the power of the brain is so amazing and one of my favorite five books in my lifetime is called Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves via Francis Banks.   One of my clients over 35 years ago was a delightful female minister.  One day, she gave me this book.  It is the story of Helen Greaves and Francis Banks and their experiences after they met in the 60s at a mental telepathy convention.


It seems the two women decided to work together to develop this type of relationship after the convention.  Helen lived in England and was a writer.  Francis was a Catholic sister who lived in South Africa.  In time, they were able to communicate regularly through the power of mind connection.  There was to cell phone or low cost phone communication available at this time.


Eventually, Francis contracted cancer and became near death.  Her life had been totally devoted   to service and she now accepted the idea that her physical life was coming to an end.  At this time, she was getting excited about moving into the next dimension.


A short time after her death, Helen began to get messages from Francis, just as she had before.  Francis wanted to share what she was experiencing.  The book is a compilation of the messages that came to her for the first year after her death.  It is encouraging and very inspiring.  I often loan it to friends or clients who have lost a loved one.

I know there is a super power that guides us.  This week, I was having trouble reprogramming my printer and went through each setting.  After about a half hour, I stopped and prayed.  I just said that I had done all I could do and even though I had done this once before, I couldn’t remember how I did it, I need help.  Immediately, I was told in my mind to push COPY.  I did and found the path to make the change I desired.


I am so grateful for the tremendous abilities we have been given by communication with others and with God through the power of our minds.


Again thanks for Linda and Michael Dlouhy and all those who participate in this wonderful Master Mind Group.


Kay Young

Superior, CO