Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Andrew Conlee Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Posted: 2016-03-23




Well, this is it!  I’m 40!

Thanks to Michael and the Think And Grow Rich lessons, I don’t consider forty to be old.  I know some of my friends consider forty as an old age, but I don’t.  I am “forty years young” and proud of it!

Doesn’t that sound like a good self-talk?

Just a good one, not a great one for building a business, but a good one to start with.  “I am forty years young and proud of it!”  Say that over and over in your mind.  Replace your own age if you’re not forty; it works for anyone!

Want a good self-talk for attitude?  “I am caring, I am positive, and people like me!”

Having problems with getting people into your business?  “I am building the most successful business organization on the planet, and I’m having fun doing it!”

Problems getting up in the morning?  Try this: “It’s going to be a great day!”  Or, "It's a great day to be alive and awake!"

Pick and mix any of these for a powerful variety, and say them 500 – 1000 times a day.

Now, come back in a week, and see how you’ve improved!


Andrew Conlee

Cedar Rapids, IA, USA


P.S.  Besides, didn’t most successful men and women get past forty before they became successful?  In a later chapter, Dr. Hill talks about how Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie were well past forty before they hit their stride.  Young pups, fear not; just use any of the self-talks above, and you’re in business.