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Posted: 2020-03-04

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 11

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation (Emotional Energy)


To begin this lesson, let’s examine the beautiful romance of Pierre and Marie Curie as a positive example of Hills chapter about Sex Transmutation.

The two famous scientists met in Paris, where unbeknownst to Marie she was introduced to her lifelong companion by her Professor. On her first meeting with Pierre, Marie recalled:

“As I entered the room, Pierre Curie was standing in the recess of a French window opening on a balcony. He seemed to me very young, though he was at that time 35 years old. I was struck by the open expression of his face and by the slight suggestion of detachment in his whole attitude. His speech, rather slow and deliberate, his simplicity, and his smile, at once grave and youthful, inspired confidence. How dreamy!”

Their common interest in science brought the two together, and they married a year later. Interestingly, Marie opted for a laboratory dress over a bridal gown and for their honeymoon, the Curies chose to take a bicycle tour around the French countryside instead of an exotic vacation. Shortly after, Marie gave birth to two daughters, Irene and Eve.

The couple worked together throughout their marriage and made breakthrough discoveries that led to Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. But tragedy struck the family when in 1906, Pierre passed away after being hit by a horse-drawn carriage.

Marie was devastated but determined to honor her husband she succeeded him as Professor at Sorbonne University. Subsequently creating a world-class laboratory as a tribute to her late husband, she went on to become the first female professor at the university. Talk about lifting each other up! This has to be one of the most wholesome love stories with a tragic climax but an empowering conclusion.

This lovely, yet tragic story reflects many of the positive stages of the use of sex transmutation as explained by Hill.


First the meeting of the two left Marie with a striking emotional response & obviously Pierre as well.  Hill says…”The emotion of sex is an “irresistible force,” against which there can be no such opposition as an “immovable body.”

After meeting, they shared interests.  Feelings. & emotions grew until marriage and a wonderful family resulted.  Following Hill’s comment, “When the emotion of love begins to mix itself with the emotion of sex, the result is calmness of purpose, poise, accuracy of judgment, and balance.”

Pierre & Marie worked together and fulfilled Hill’s statement, “Wherever there was evidence available in connection with the lives of men and women of great achievement, it indicated most convincingly that they possessed highly developed sex natures.”

After Pierre’s untimely death, Marie dedicated all her further achievements to Pierre.  Hill says,”Memories of love never pass. They linger, guide, and influence long after the source of stimulation has faded. There is nothing new in this. Every person, who has been moved by GENUINE LOVE, knows that it leaves enduring traces upon the human heart. The effect of love endures, because love is spiritual in nature. ..

Even the memories of love are sufficient to lift one to a higher plane of creative effort.”

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for guiding us all to more fully understand and begin to internalize Hill's findings at a greater depth.  Also thanks to all those who comment on the lessons and those who write your own thoughts for these lessons.

Kay Young

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