Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-03-04


The Mystery of Sex Transmutation.


Sex, many will get uncomfortable or blush when that word is said publicly. 

It is how one perceives it and their meaning.  Will stay out of the moral views of sex in the sense of pleasure.  Nothing wrong with the matter, but many have different views, which is not necessary for this lesson.


Sex drive, however, is powerful and necessary to be successful at anything that requires hard work both physically and mentally.  It’s the transfer of this energy that leads to success.  


I will talk briefly on the physical part: try to give the Parental Guidance thirteen version.  I remember hearing more than once as a high school and division three athlete. The coach says do no exert yourself unnecessarily around a important swim meet. In basic training the drill sergeant said the same thing the day before the physical fitness test. 


This can affect someone mentally, which can be more draining than the physical aspect. Your focus shifts somewhere else.


This is why many men and women do not see great success under the age of forty. Why? Well their drive will be more towards the physical aspect of this three letter word vs. the mental transformation. Folks change their focus.



I can relate to this. I was more focused on the physical aspect of this matter in my twenties and early thirties. Therefore I was not in total pin point focus in my career, business, and financial goals.


Things changed when I met my wife. Life became less complex in the early days, due to less stress of dating.   I was able to put more focus on business and career goals. God and family, still trumps career and monetary goals. 



Network Marketing success requires no less energy than any other conventional endeavor.  One has gotta transfer that energy into sweat equity and focus.  It is up to the individual to make that decision and stick with it.  Not everyone will and not everyone will succeed. Those that do succeed will reach the top of the hill at different times.  Some will make it quicker than others. No problem, as they say in Marathons or triathlons, it does not matter when you cross, it’s if you finish or not.  That takes character and determination.  


To keep us on track one must associate with the right people. As said last week, positive uplifting individuals who see them selves going somewhere. We may be with different companies, but we have the same goals in mind.  Mentoring for Free is the place that keeps me focused.  


Thank you Michael and Linda for this amazing program. Thank you Rick for reaching out to me and meeting me for coffee.  Thank you to the folks on these calls weekly enhancing our lives!


Philippians chapter three verses fifteen to twenty one.  Keep focused on the 


goal, those of us who want everything God has for us. 



Michael Simon