Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Daniel Clark Bronx, New York, United States

Posted: 2016-03-23

In this chapter, as well as those that came before it, we have been told time and again to visualize ourselves in possession of the money that we would like to have.  It just so happens that, before finding out about this book, I had begun doing something very similar to this.

As an avid collector, one of the things that I plan to do if… scratch that, WHEN, I acquire the money I wish to have, is to purchase some vintage video games.  Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details of which ones I plan to get, but there is a website that I regularly go on that allows you to compile a list of all of the games that you currently own in your collection, complete with small images of the game’s package design/box art right next to the game’s title, which is written in plain text.

However, I recently decided to take it a step further and, instead of listing just the games that I have currently, I chose to also include games that I will be wanting to get eventually.  Doing this enabled me to VISUALIZE what my dream collection would look like as now, I can go to the site and see it right in front of me on my monitor.  The EMOTIONS that I feel when doing this are of triumph, satisfaction, and overall encouragement.

Then, once I was introduced to Hill’s book, and got to the recurring part throughout the chapters, including this one, when he talks about SEEING AND FEELING oneself in possession of the amount of money they wish to have, I realized that my next objective will be to take the same principle that I (unwittingly at the time) applied to the compiling of my would-be complete game collection, and begin VISUALIZING, SEEING MYSELF IN POSSESSION OF the resource necessary to acquire those items.  Money.

It can be done.  We already have the tools that we need to plan our success.  Perhaps they have been dormant for a while, or just manifested themselves in other ways, but either way, if the Super Mario Bros. can collect a whole bunch of those gold coins over the years, and enjoy the journey in the process, then what is to stop us from pursuing our personal fortunes and having a blast in the process?

Let this be the year that we pick the Controller up, press the “Start” button, and reach the top of the “High Score” charts of our lives!

See you on the Bonus Stages!
~Daniel Clark