Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2020-03-04

The bottom line is that you gotta be enthusiastic about what you do! People buy EMOTION not logic! There is no shortcuts to nothing! NO leader became massively successful by following someone who was uncertain. They followed people who were going places. Nobody was born a leader. It's the RESULTS of their actions over and over again. Nobody had success overnight. You do NOT start off in the weight room lifting the heaviest weight or else it will drop. Same thing goes with money. Earn $500 per month 1st, then $1000 per month. Then $2000 per month. Big money that was not acquired gradually DISAPPEARED instantly. That includes journeymen ball players who are barely out of high school with tremendous talent. But in the end they have others holding the bag and are on public assistance. Do NOT be average and do NOT be Robert Kyosakis educated poor dad. Because if you are always right then your car will always be sitting in your garage and Zig Ziglar said that cars that sit in the garage deteriorate faster than the cars that go places. Learn skills. Just like you did when you started driving. Permit, practice a year till you drive correctly. Pass your road test and you can take passengers along to teach them to drive. Duplication over and over! See you at the top!

Lawrence Bergfeld