Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Sharon Valentine Houston, Texas, United States

Posted: 2016-03-23

Chapter 4 – Auto suggestion

As Michael pointed out in his lesson, the ability to concentrate isn’t a highly valued skill in our society.  We have complete meals heated in 5 minutes or less via the microwave oven.  We place a coffee order via the mobile phone and it’s ready when we get to the shop.  Yet, the things we appreciate most take time.  A chicken broth made from real chicken long simmered on the stove.  A crocheted blanket lovingly made for a newborn by her grandmother.  Hours and hours of concentrated effort to restore a 1967 Chevy.

“Drop 10 pounds by Friday.”  “Earn a 6 figure income in less than 6 months.” are hype that don’t value the skill of concentration.  Personal development and growing a network marketing business also takes time, and requires much concentrated effort to master.  People involved with MFF know that it takes time and concentration to develop and to grow.  That’s why Michael says to be here a year from now – and 5 years from now.  We need to concentrate on this mastermind group and in the MFF business system to excel in life.  And only then will we be captains of our destiny.

Sharon Valentine

Houston, TX