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Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-02-19

Think & Grow Rich – Chapter 9 – Persistence

The sustained Effort Necessary to Induce Faith


This week I have pursued persistence while tracking down my password for my Xcel Energy online be certain I had paid it.  In my first attempt to enter the account, I was told I had already put in the wrong password or username 3 times and that I had 5 more chances before it was locked.  Then, as I tried again & again entering the username and password written in my file of such things, I was asked for my mother’s maiden name and the name of my elementary school., both of which I knew.  Those entries, after 3 more tries was also ruled incorrect.  Next I finally called Xcel - after over an hour of precious time had already passed.  When I figured out the maze of numbers to reach an associate in the correct department, - I easily got a new password in 3-4 minutes with the help of the calm woman who attended me.  My takeaway was that I had stuck with it and demonstrated patience and persistence & got the result I wanted. … (and also learned that, for me, people are easier to work with than computers!)

In chapter 8, Hill said, “The Committee of Correspondence was organized (which considered thoughts about the First Continental Congress). Observe that this move provided the way for increasing the power of the Master Mind by adding to it men from all the Colonies. Take notice that this procedure constituted the first ORGANIZED PLANNING (chapter 7) of the disgruntled Colonists.”

So, last week in Chapter 8, I realized that I had to step back to chapter 7 and do my organized planning and then act upon it. 

Now, once again, Hill counsels:   “If you are following this book with the intention of applying the knowledge it conveys, your first test as to your PERSISTENCE will come when you begin to follow the six steps described in the second chapter (Chapter 2) (which gives the measure by which to assess your own current level of persistence), unless you are one of the two out of every hundred who already have a DEFINITE GOAL at which you are aiming, and a DEFINITE PLAN for its attainment, you may read the instructions, and then pass on with your daily routine, and never comply with those instructions.”


Suddenly, the cobwebs began to clear from my eyes and I saw the need to adapt the core message of each chapter to my own business journey and begin to implement it into my life BEFORE moving on to the next chapter.  I quickly realized that I would still be on chapter one if I did it that way.

My second plan, which I am now doing is making a list of the subjects of each chapter and giving them a file.  As we focus on the message each month, it will be the main theme of the week for me.  I will pay attention to my experiences during the week which relate to that subject.  However, I will also jot down stories of my experiences which occur that reflect growth in each discipline mentioned in the other chapters and file them in their own folders. This way, I will be aware of my growth in each area.

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for developing the Mentoring For Free experience and for all who are present in the master mind group they created for us, so we could develop these qualities of success through our weekly interaction

Kay Young

Superior, Colorado