Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2020-02-19

I realized while reading this chapter that of all the symptoms of lack of persistence, I suffer most from the procrastination aspect. Usually there is no apparent or conscious cause. In fact, most of the time I have no idea why I'm reluctant to do a certain thing but I think a lot of it comes from the lack of self reliance and from a poor self image. Adding to that, number 16. FEAR OF CRITICISM is another huge factor in what causes me to "spin wheels" going nowhere with a plan that I was once so hyped to carry out. 


Lately I've been sidetracked from my positive journey by an onslaught of personal issues that happened a couple weeks back. Though I have eliminated the people and situations that caused these issues, I'm still reeling from them and feeling a lot of physical and emotional turmoil which reminds me that I must be PERSISTENT in blocking negative things from ever entering in the first place. I'm having a huge change of perspective where I'm realizing that the best idea possible is to cut off anything that might cause trauma or derail me from my purpose from happening. So just as I am to be persistent with my career goals and self development goals, I also have to be just as persistent with what I allow to surround me. 


Before I can conquer the feelings of extreme self doubt and insecurities that lead me to procrastinate PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE, I have to build my self talk and what I fill my head with. Thanks to Dad, I'm currently on my first read of "Psycho-Cybernetics" and while already feeling good about what I'm reading, I know that it will take extreme PERSISTENCE and reading the book over and over again until it's changing how nervous I feel about judgment when I'm in social situations as well as what I'm seeing in the mirror. 


Lastly, I watched a very inspiring story on youtube last night coming from someone I really like to watch overall. I had had no idea he struggled so much with money growing up, and how he and his mother went from place to place provided by the government. I was amazed to learn that he had built his business NOT by accepting brand deals or being paid to promote things, but by having the immense desire to make the money on his own and to be able to buy every product he wanted to have and discuss with that money. His passion has been skin care and helping others to enhance their features to make them feel the very best they can about themselves. I was so very surprised to find out that when he tried to create a line of make up brushes, a company was willing to "let him have his own line" AKA take a cheap product they already had and stamp his name on them. This wasn't okay with him because he wanted full control of their whole creation and didn't want to skimp on materials. He told them he'd go his own route and they told him "good luck" because he'd have no financial backing. He decided to PERSIST and by whatever means possible, took out a loan and created his own line, which he said he "just knew if he found a way to make them, he had faith they would sell", and lo and behold, they did. He went from council flats/apartments (in the UK) to sleeping on relatives' floors to nearly 4 million youtube subscribers and a successful brush line, all because he persisted through every obstacle and was determined to have things of his own merit. 


One of my favorite things he said in the video, speaking of his skills learning makeup artistry. He said that he was thinking he might not be as good as others at it, but he said there was nothing else that brought him as much joy so there would be no way to give it up. Instead, he said " I'm not as good... YET". Because he adopted that thought, persistence and kept it in his mind that if he did what he loved then money would come, he managed to accomplish his dreams. 


Thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for creating and dedicating so much of your time to help all of us to become our best selves and thank you to everyone in the MFF group who continue to inspire, uplift and encourage me along my journey. 


Kristen Burnett / Fairhope, AL