Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2020-02-18


The Eighth Step toward Riches

Hill says PERSISTENCE is an essential factor in the procedure of transmuting DESIRE 
into its monetary equivalent. 

The basis of persistence is the POWER OF WILL.

Will-power and desire, when properly combined, make an irresistible pair.

 Men who accumulate great fortunes are generally known as cold-blooded, and sometimes ruthless. 

Often they are misunderstood. What they have is willpower, which they mix with persistence, and 
place back of their desires to insure the attainment of their objectives.

Henry Ford has been generally misunderstood to be ruthless and coldblooded. This misconception 
grew out of Ford’s habit of following through in all of his plans with PERSISTENCE.

The majority of people are ready to throw their aims and purposes overboard, and give up at the 
first sign of opposition or misfortune. 

A few carry on DESPITE all opposition, until they attain their goal. These few are the Fords, 
Carnegies, Rockefellers, and Edisons

Throughout this entire chapter we example after example of people that made up their mind do and
accomplish something.

They had a BURNING DESIRE and WILL POWER to accomplish a certain goal and NOTHING could stop them 
from attaining their goal. 

I also see persistence here in MFF Linda & Michael Dlouhy for contining this program for 15 years
otherwise I would not have been able to learn about this MFF Group. Thank you!

To all the people that share your thoughts, idedas and knowledge each week so that I and others can
learn and apply what is taught here every week. Thank you

To my friend Bob Shoaf that is always by my side teaching and mentoring me. Thank you

Bill Riske
Houston Tx.