Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-02-18




Less than a tiny fraction of individuals will strike it rich overnight in the lottery. Otherwise anybody who moves from scraping by to extreme wealth has persistence.  Plenty of individuals over the course of mankind wish to be wealthy. Few, however, will never make it because they will not have the persistence to keep plugging away.  


Edison went through thousand of attempts before the light bulb stayed lit. Barnes got employment with Edison, but would have never made it as a partner if he had not kept plugging away and seizing the opportunity when it finally arrived. Most would have quit by this time.   


This goes for anything in life that is worth having. Life issues and setbacks will hit us from all directions and knock you down. It’s not what happened, it’s his you react and respond.  


Another sports analogy. Bethany Hamilton was a great athlete and promising young surfer. Everyone on the surfing world including her family and friends were behind her.  She was on her way to the top.  Then one day things came crashing down, when she was out surfing with her peers. A Tiger Shark saw her arm as an appetizer and bit her upper limb right off.  An average Joe or Jane would have considered the mission as over and gone down in flames.  Not Bethany, she was determined to finish the mission and fulfill her dream. Bethany got back up on the board shortly and eventually made it too the top of her sport. 


Bethany has become an inspiration to many.  She wrote Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board.  A movie was eventually released. Today she speaks at different events and has appeared on many television programs, including the Amazing Race, one reality show I occasionally watch, because it involves determination and teamwork. Bethany Hamilton is a household name, which would have never happened if she had not had persistence to drive on.   I see this is the world of Para athletes, which I have become a part of.


One thing to note is Bethany had a support network which continued after the incident. The same idea goes for any business endeavor. We need mentors and positive people around us. 


Network Marketing is no different.  Most will fail with no persistence.   Mentoring for free is a perfect place to get that encouragement and mentoring. Thank you Michael and Linda for this program due to your selfless service. Thank you Rick for connecting with me and being there for me, including having coffee. Thank you to everyone who participates on this calls. You’re all persistent.


Remember Proverbs chapter ten verse number four.  The hand of the diligence makes rich.


Michael Simon