Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-03-23

Chapter 4


“You is kind. You is smart.  You is important.”


In the 2011 movie “The Help” the humble black housekeeper, Abileen, spoke words of affirmation into the little white girl. 


My Grandma B. continually spoke words of affirmation into my life.  She spoke in superlatives. “Why, that’s the most beautiful thing you've ever done!”  I was blessed to be her only grandchild for four years, because I had that extra time with her. As the younger grandchildren were born, she’d say, “Each one is smart. There’s not an idiot in the bunch.”


Even if we don’t have an Abileen or a Grandma B., we have available something so easy, yet so powerful, it will help us accomplish virtually anything we want in our lives.


Self-Talk is a powerful tool in my life.  Voices within me sometimes seek to sabotage my success.  Some of these sniveling sounds attempt to discourage by telling me lies. My self-designed Declarations speak truth into my innermost being.  These words are who I am!


When I lack Confidence…

“I am Confident, Bold, and Purposeful.”


When I want business builders and customers…

“I am having fun, attracting and sponsoring Leaders, easily and consistently, through teamwork and education.”


When I’m in Turmoil…

“I am Worthy, Serene, and Compassionate.”


When I feel Scarcity…

“I am Worthy, Wealthy, Positive, and Free.”


When I feel Scattered…

“I am Laser Focused, Intentional, and Achieving”


When I walk into a room and feel alone…

“I am open, friendly, and magnetic.”


When I’m Scared…

“I am whole, I am healed, and I belong to God.”


There are some who wrestle for weeks and months trying to create the perfect Self-Talk.  My advice is simple.  Just do it!  Don’t waste another precious day “trying” to come up with the right words. There’s no magic formula. This isn’t hocus pocus but the process of rewiring our brains so we begin to BE that which we desire.


What do you desire? 


Money?  Then talk like a millionaire.


Confidence?  Then speak like you have it ALREADY.  Speak with authority and passion. Stand up and shout it!


“I AM kind. I AM smart.  I AM important.”



Margi Starr

Springfield, Ohio