Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-02-12



The hardest part of anything that is enhancing and life changing is the decision to get started. Have met plenty of individuals who would like financial freedom  and all the perks that come with the package.  Unfortunately, only a few will achieve this milestone because they don’t make the decision to get both feet wet and go for it.  This goes for anything major in life that is worth going after. 


Been a while since I have done a sports analogy to business and financial freedom, so here you go. As said before my long term goal is to become an Ironman. Unless your a navy seal still on Active duty or recently discharged, there is a lot of work and steps towards completing an Ironman.   This requires hours upon hours of physical training: swimming, biking, and running.  The training can be exhausting, both physically and mentally.   This journey has taken a number of years. I participated in Sprint triathlons and five kilometer running events for a few seasons. Then I moved up to International distance triathlons and longer road races. Last season I completed three international triathlons, two half marathons, and one full marathon. 


This year I have signed up for my first Half Ironman, more Olympic Triathlons, and one more Marathon.  My goal is to become an Ironman within the next two seasons. Now I am not a great runner and don’t live for running alone.  Swimming is fine and I really enjoy cycling.  Running, however, is a necessary part of the sport.   I look at the run as the home stretch and last hill to climb. Crossing the line in a Triathlon too me is an exhilarating feeling.   I continue to imagine myself crossing the line and becoming an Ironman.  


This will never happen if I had not made the decision to get started!  


Everyone I can think of who has gone from rags to riches in business follow the steps in the previous chapters. They had the desire, faith, imagination, and organized planning. They, as well made the decision to go all in.   


Fred Smith had an idea that would change the airfreight industry forever. He wrote a paper about this in his Economics class at Yale University.  His economics professor disagreed with him, so Smith received a poor grade.  This did not stop Smith.  Took some time, but Smith raised around ninety million dollars to finance this idea. 


This was only the first hurdle. He faced legal challenges from commercial airlines who saw this new method of freight delivery as a threat.  Lastly his company faced a few years of losses in the millions and his investors  almost removed him.


Smith, however, never lost faith and hope and shortly had revenues around seventy five million dollars and net profits around three and a half million.  This was just the beginning. Today Federal Express delivers packages overnight around the world with approximately seventy billion in revenues. 


Where would package delivery be today if Smith had accepted the opinion of his economics professor?  Would Amazon even be around?  Who knows. 

There are naysayers on everything today.  From Economics professors to negative family members. We all have them in our lives. What we do is up to us!


Major accomplishments and milestones in the journey of life will have bumps in the road.  Things can and will not go as planned from time to time, which goes with the territory.   It is not what happens that matters, it is how you react to it. 


The Network Marketing industry is no different. Folks every day sign up with a company.  The success rate is still very low.  Every new comer or retread to this industry needs to follow the five pillars of success, have mentors, desire, and plan.  Then they have to make the decision to go all in. 


Support and accountability helps keep us on the right track. Mentoring for Free is the place to be. Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program.  Thank you Rich for connecting with me.  Thank you to everyone who enhances my life on these weekly calls.


Philippians four verse thirteen,  I can do all things through him that strengthens me.


Michael Simon