Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2020-02-11

Hill tells us “ Those who reach DECISIONS promptly and definitely, know what they want, and generally get it. The leaders in every walk of life DECIDE quickly, and firmly. That is the major reason why they are leaders. The world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going.” Most of my life I looked at making a decision was just a conscious thing, just a thought and that’s pretty much what took place in my life, just a thought. How many thoughts go through our minds in one day? So maybe what I considered which I did in making a decision was just a thought.  I know now that it doesn’t become concrete until I WROTE IT DOWN! Such a simple thing to do but also such a simple thing not to do as Jeff Olson might describe it. Another word for it might be procrastination. 

“PROCRASTINATION, the opposite of DECISION, is a common enemy which practically every man must conquer” says Hill! I know that by writing it down where I can see it on my dream board daily that it truly is a decision and not just one of the thousands of thoughts that constantly speed though my mind like a freight train daily. Don’t think that’s the case? Try sitting still for just 10 minutes meditating! Once it was written down it became so much more real for me and then I could make a plan and start taking ACTION although so much more of that is needed and is coming now. 

I have made a decision that the pain of remaining where I am at is a lot worse than what it will take to get where I want to be. Harv Eker said the Mongolian Warriors never lost a war because they took their whole families into battle and left no room for retreat. Thats doing whatever it takes! I need to be a Mongolian Warrior!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda and Michael for always being a model and perfect example of doing whatever it takes and thanks to my family of mastermind partners for sharing your thoughts and aha moments with me weekly.

Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al