Think & Grow Rich Lessons
David Calicotte Hannibal, Missouri, USA

Posted: 2016-03-23




Since joining Mentoring For Free I've learned a lot of very important things about how to think and how to live my life, but I do

believe the most important thing that I have learned about is autosuggestion, or self talk.  Who would have guessed something so simple

as talking to your self in a positive way could have such a dramatic effect on your life and the way you think about life.  I repeat my 

self talk as often as I can during the day.  I have certain parts of my self talk that I repeat every time, but other parts change depending

on what is going on in my life.


Not quite a year ago I lost my job because the company I worked for went out of business.  I had to go back to building house's because

you have to pay the bills.  Well, I'm getting older and the work is getting harder to do.  It was just about to get me down, physically, and then

the negative people I was having to work with was not helping my mind.  So about three weeks ago I changed my self talk again.  I started telling 

myself that something better is going to come along, I'm going to find some work that I enjoy and won't have to kill myself doing it.  Well, I started

a new job Monday, I'm back to building cabinetry, the thing I've always enjoyed doing!


This just proves the power of self talk.  Michael is right, you CAN speak your reality into existence!!  You just have to have faith and believe

it will happen.


Thank you Michael & Linda for all you do.  You have helped me to change my life, and lives all over the world.  You both are amazing individuals!!!


Forever grateful,

David Calicotte