Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2020-02-04

Chapter 7 - Organized Planning

Hill tells us "It is one thing to WANT money—everyone 
wants more-but it is something entirely different to 
be WORTH MORE! Many people mistake their WANTS for 
their JUST DUES. Your financial requirements or wants 
have nothing whatever to do with your WORTH. Your value 
is established entirely by your ability to render useful 
service or your capacity to induce others to render such 

Our ability to render useful service or our capacity to
induce others to render such service is accomplished only
when we have the confidence to do so.  

The majority of people who begin a Network Marketing business
tell themselves they will become successful.  They are excited
they dream of what they want and how they will spend the money
when the receive it; but, once they begin they find out it is
not as easy as they thought it would be.  They get a few no's and
confidence becomes over run by fear.  They talk to a few friends
who tell them it does not work and they begin to question their own

Hill tells us "The oldest of admonitions is “Man, know thyself!” If you market 
merchandise successfully, you must know the merchandise. The same 
is true in marketing personal services. You should know all of your 
weaknesses in order that you may either bridge them or eliminate 
them entirely. You should know your strength in order that you may 
call attention to it when selling your services. You can know yourself 
only through accurate analysis." 

We have heard Michael Dlouhy many times say,
"In order to make more we have to become more" because people
don't buy our products, the buy us.

Mentoring for Free and the Think & Grow Rich Lessons is the safe
place to grow personally, to know ourselves, to become the person 
people will want to do business with because they
know, like and trust us.

The organized plan is right here on these calls and all we have to
do is to participate in the plan by posting lessons and being on the
calls every week.

Alexander Graham Bell has stated "Before anything else, preparation
is the key to success."
Tuula Rands