Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ingrid Camacho SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, United States

Posted: 2016-03-22

The subconscious mind is at my command and auto-
suggestion is the vehicle by which I feed my desires to
it. The subconscious will react regardless whether we
feed it positive or negative thoughts.

Just putting the positive thought into the subconscious is
not enough to have it materialize into reality.  We must
confirm our thought by transmuting it into a burning desire
and have faith that our desire will turn into reality.  If we
have any doubt about this process then we must repeat
it until it is beyond question, we will attain it.

When we repeat the process of feeding our desires to our sub
conscious we will bring about the realization and we are in comand
of our own destiny.

However the price is not cheap, just because we want something
does not  necessarily mean our subconscious will manifest it into reality.
We start at the conclusion and then work backwards.  If we
desire to get ebook downloads,  it is not sufficient to just say I want ebook downloads.

We have to be specific and see the exact number of ebook downloads in our mind.
Then keep it constant until the subconscious manifest it into reality. 

We can do this by saying  our self talk daily and taking the actions needed
to get the ebook downloads.

Ingrid Camacho