Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2020-01-22

Kristen B. Fairhope, AL


Being at an age where my peers still talk about what they went to college for, I look all around and realize very few of them are actually working in their chosen field or in anything related to what they paid 4 year tuition for. So many are in other random jobs, completely burned out of whatever they're doing, and they're without any kind of motivation. If they once had any dreams, they're now an empty shell WAITING on an opportunity for the chance to do something they like more. In fact, the more old friends from school I talk to, the more I feel like an odd person out for having a grandiose dream. There's one friend in particular who is 30, ended up working as an armored vehicle driver transporting money to businesses, who's shared with me that he "thinks he'll make a change to landscaping, because, it might be more interesting". But is that really his dream? Does he even have a dream or does he just think that it's so far out of reach, he might as well not try, and that there's really nothing he can do?


Some of the most amazing people to me are those who are self starters, in the sense that they have an idea and they start to PUT IT OUT THERE. As hard as it is to start a blog and share it like crazy, or start filming youtube videos about your passion subject; whatever the obstacle, there is no doubt that putting oneself out there where one can be seen, yields OPPORTUNITIES and therefore success. 


 "By so doing one forms the HABIT of looking around, of observing how others get ahead, of seeing OPPORTUNITY, and of embracing it without hesitation."



The above quote really resonated with me because I have seen the effects of placing yourself a few steps above rather than starting at the very bottom, so to speak. About 5 years ago, I decided to start a Youtube channel about one of my passions. I still look back and wonder, as one of the shyest people in all my social groups,how I managed to upload videos, of my face, talking about something I loved but wasn't an expert on. It was hard at first, and as I learned, it was hard to look back at older videos and cringe at incorrect terms I used or things I simply did not know. But how did I get where I am today? By making the videos EVEN THOUGH I did not know. That's how I obtained the knowledge. By making the videos, I wasn't sitting around hoping someday I would have an opportunity to work in a related field, because a couple years later I was able to use what I knew to jump right into a position that would have otherwise required a college degree or apprenticeship OR special connections. Making the videos also attracted people to me who wanted me to review their products and this made me feel that by believing my knowledge was powerful to myself first, others started to seek my thoughts. 


This was a great lesson that shows us, without the intent and motivation to use the knowledge you have or by neglecting to act upon a great idea, plans will be useless and no progress will have been made. Many don't want to put themselves out there because it means they could be embarrassed or ridiculed. This one fear causes many people to go their whole lives without pursuing a real dream. 


A quote that comes to mind is " What if I fall? Oh, but what if you fly?" 



Thank you so much to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for being such amazing mentors, dedicating freely your time and efforts to help others realize their full potential and thank you to everyone else in MFF for your support of me in my "early stages" where I'm still learning how to open up. 


Kristen Burnett