Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-01-22

Think and Grow Rich

Chapter 5 Specialized Knowledge - The Fourth Step toward Riches


After years of general knowledge in college with some specialized knowledge in the area I planned to teach, I married and soon my husband and I join a network marketing business.  Of course, there were things to learn about the products and the marketing that were new to us so we were “trained” within the business.


Over the years, we changed businesses several times and could have been perceived as successful.  We did feel stress in the businesses and though we made some extra money, it did not seem to us to be worth the hassles we felt from the business.  At that time, we dropped out of network marketing for almost 25 years.  In fact, I opened a brick and mortar business and dove in with vigor.  For 20 years, I worked in that business with up to 13 employees, actively raised 5 sons, saw my husband occasionally, then burnt out by having a 2 year stint of chronic fatigue. 


Approximately 10 years ago, it was clear that the income from the network marketing industry was making a significantly surge in the income of a few of our friends, so we decided to give it another go.  What had happened in the time we first were in network marketing to this time was TECHNOLOGY.  It was wonderful and it was confusing and has continued to surge year to year in refining, supposedly simplifying, and reconstructing the way to advertise, order products, communicate with customers, run promotions, get paid and totally open the business to a global audience.


At the same time, we have grown older and this has been both an aid and an obstacle.  For me, it requires a new direction in specialized knowledge.  Though I know I can learn, thankfully…it is also clear that the youth who have grown up with the introduction and changes in technology need little training in the use of it.  Somehow they have absorbed it throughout the explosion of this knowledge.  My own children help explain it to me, but for me, it is a specialized skill that slows me down. 


Just yesterday I was filing my Sales Tax payment for a small business I still do from home.  It was SO easy years ago to write it on paper and mail it.  Unfortunately, online, I didn’t notice the section for cents and made a seemingly small error in figuring.  I needed to send in $3.73 more than my first calculation and wrote 3.73.  After filing, my receipt showed that they would be taking $373 from my account today.  So silly! That is causing me extra time & stress to make a call this morning when they open, wait on the phone at least 30 minutes and try to get them to correct my error quickly. 


Obviously, getting help with this specialized knowledge in technology is my current challenge.  Henry Ford “found it {this knowledge} through the individual units of his MASTER MIND GROUP.”  He had a button on his desk to contact an expert in any area he needed. I am so grateful to have found this Mentoring For Free master mind group.  Even though we may not focus on the exact things I need in every discussion, I have found members of the group and have access to the archives of lessons that can help me grow my skills in these areas.


Thanks so much to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for creating this mastermind group and making it available to us.  And thanks for those of you who attend these calls and share your specialized knowledge with us.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado