Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-01-22


Specialized Knowledge

Jeopardy is a great show and Trivial pursuit is an enjoyable board game.  One must have a lot of general knowledge to consistently win at these games. Random facts, figures, and stories can be good for small talk at dinner parties, but will they pay you bills and feed a family on a consistent basis? Of course not. 

There are a few Jeopardy contestants who have won large sums of money. Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer won a few million each during their tenure as Jeopardy champion. Both have been invited back to the show for Champion events. Most recently was a grand champion event. Jennings won the majority of games with James close behind. Jennings landed the daily double at the right time and answered correctly. Each of these gentlemen won a significant amount of money. They, however, are part of a very small club, who have benefited financially from General knowledge. 

The same goes for a Bachelor’s Degree from a Liberal Arts Institution.  I am one of the many who went this route. I had fun, made a few friends, was an athlete, fraternity member, and traveled abroad. The most important skill, I developed was writing constructively, which helped me in my sales career. Other than that, I consider this period to be a waste of time along with a large price tag.  The average cost of college education has probably quadrupled since my time.  Now many have large debts with less opportunities awaiting.


Specialized knowledge and experience is what employers want and employees need to be paid well.  Trade Schools are a much better option for individuals who have a strong mechanical or technical aptitude.  Welders, plumbers and electricians will begin at a much higher wage than an entry level employee in the Corporate world.   I said before that there is nothing wrong with a Bachelors program. I, however, would advise a younger individual too pick a specialty such as Engineering, Accounting, or Health Care . Plus don’t go straight to an expensive institution from high school unless you receive a scholarship or have a definite plan.  Start at a Community College or join the military, which will help with the costs of higher education down the road. 


One will achieve more financial success through Specialized knowledge than general knowledge.  One of the most famous examples  in history is Henry Ford. He had limited formal schooling and was criticized by many.  He, however, knew enough about mass production himself along with qualified individuals who had the knowledge he needed on demand.  He may not have known much about Benedict Arnold, but he could quickly connect with someone who did.  


Most importantly Ford had a definite organized plan in place.  Again general scattered  facts are fine around the campfire or playing a trivia game while waiting for your meal at The Oliver Garden, but they will not make you financially free.


The same concept applies to the network marketing profession. The few who succeed at this industry plug into a good mentoring and teaching system in order to learn the skills required to be on stage. Anybody can do this, but one must be willing to take the steps necessary. 


Mentoring for Free is the perfect place. We may represent different companies, but we all have the same desire to be top performing network marketers.  More importantly we all are enhancing our lives and helping one at a time.    


Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program. Thank you Rick for connecting with me. Thank you to everyone who participates on these calls. You all enhance my life!


Michael Simon