Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2020-01-20

Chapter 5,

Specialized Knowledge!

From The Book,

Think And Grow Rich!


Men sometimes go through life suffering from inferiority

Complexes, because they are not men of education. The man

Who can organize and direct a Master Mind group of men

Who possess knowledge useful in the group of men who

Possess knowledge useful in the accumulation of money,

Is just as much a man of education as any man in the group.

Remember this. If you suffer from a feeling of inferiority,

Because your schooling has been limited .

Thomas A. Edison had only three months of schooling during

His entire life. He did not lack education, neither did he die


Henry Ford had less than a sixth grade schooling but he has

Managed to do pretty well by himself, financially. (Napoleon Hill)

When you plug all the way into this Master Mind here at

Think And Grow Rich Lessons, you hear Michael tell stories

To get a point across, and you hear the words, Learn how to

Think not what to think, You want more you have to become more,

if you want your life to change, your thinking has to change,

Learn how to think not what to think.  When you hear that over

And over again your mind will start to shift over to believing it.


A few years ago a one cent sales tax was past to rebuild down

Town Pine Bluff. The man that was put in charge happens to be

A friend of mine, we were in Pine Bluff Leadership together.

The name of the program, it’s called Go Forward Pine Bluff.

As most of you know I am looking for some financial help to

Help our neighborhood I live in, I have been looking for help local.

I ran into my friend that’s over Pine Bluff leadership, I asked him

If he could help us, he told me I don’t know how to help you,

That was the end of the conversation.

I have visited the local banks, we have 3 major banks here in

Town, I have been told they have no programs in place to help

The local neighborhoods out. 

If you live in a nice neighborhood or a not so nice neighborhood,

You most likely pay taxes, you most likely buy groceries, you most

Likely have money in the local bank, we are invested in our


I have been told that one of our local home grown banks has been

Buying up other banks around the country, I know for a fact

They bought into a 18,000 seat arena in Little Rock, their name,

Is on the outside at the top of the building.

Why can’t these successful business come together and create

Some type of Neighborhood improvement foundation that we

Can apply for?  Would that or would that not be giving back to

The community? Wouldn’t that be what we call paying it forward?


The Best Way To Inspire Change Is To Be It! (NFL Football Player)


                    Marty Roe

           Pine Bluff, Arkansas,