Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2016-03-22

Chapter 4 Autosuggestion
Why do so many people go through life in poverty?  Hill says it is
because, though we have absolute control over the material that
reaches our subconscious mind via the five senses, in most cases
we don't exercise it.  Yet choosing to exercise this control is essential
for transmuting desire for money into cash or a big bank balance.
Recently I made the decision to immerse myself in books about
generating prosperity starting with the ones already on my shelf. 
I have been amazed at the insights I have rediscovered there.  
I doubt I am alone in wanting to move beyond my current financial state into
one that expresses greater abundance. I believe the start of this process is
to be in the NOW as Michael frequently reminds us to do.  One way that I slip
out of the NOW is when I tell my subconscious that what I have is not enough. 
It could be anything from wanting more income to wishing I had a nicer house,
a newer car or more time to devote to my network marketing business. 
While the solution to this is to communicate positive thoughts to my sub-conscious
via "I am" self talk, if I start from a place of not enough, or envy of those who
have more, or wishing anything about my current life is not enough, then I am
negating the self talk.  The emotional energy around the "not enough" beliefs is
a stronger message (these thoughts have deep roots) to the subconscious
and will be the ones it acts on. 
This is why a gratitude practice is essential.  Gratitude focuses our attention on 
what is and surrounds it with positive energy.  When we do our self talk out of
not enough we trap ourselves into more of the same.  When we start by expressing
gratitude for what is, the positive energy opens the way to more.  Do you want 
more income?  Start by affirming you have plenty right now.  A nicer house?  Start
by expressing your love for the one you already live in.  After all, hasn't it served
you up to now?  How about a more ebook downloads?  Start by regularly blessing
the people who have already downloaded and are moving whatever
pace is best for them.
In gratitude for this master mind and the many life changing ideas I learn every week,
Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, Virginia
"...when we are convinced that there is never enough, money ceases to be a tool 
for the practical achievement of our life's purposes and becomes instead a drug
to help stave off worry and depression.  A healthy relationship with money begins
with an attitude of abundance."  Patricia Remele