Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-03-21

Auto - suggestion and it's power to influence our subconscious mind has been hinted at and written about by many successful people, Henry Ford's life and achievements provides many examples, Walt Disney used these same principles during his many periods of bankruptcy to make sure his subconscious understood that his dream of bringing joy to millions would never be lost until it become a reality. (Mighty) Joe Karbo author of the "Lazy Mans Way to Riches" who created  a major Direct Marketing business in his mind - then went out and built it.

There are also many well documented tales of instances of the use of auto suggestion at time of great stress, such as under torture or other great peril where the subconscious has been used to move that individual to a 'quiet' place almost divorcing the physical body from the mental being such is the power for change we all have within us..

That said, Mr Hill points out our ability to use the principle of auto-suggestion depends, very largely, on our own ability to CONCENTRATE upon a given DESIRE until that desire becomes a BURNING OBSESSION, allowing nothing to interfere with the focus on achieving whatever is we really crave until such time as the subconscious delivers the plan of action we need, because it will deliver.

A simple yet incredibly important part of speeding up the process is to write down as clearly and concisely as possible both what we want and what we will are prepared to give in return, then to read them aloud, with FEELING, BELIEF and  PASSION as many times each day as possible, pinning what you have written, on mirrors, doors etc.,  so you see and read them regularly through each day helps guarantee the message is being constantly reinforced into the subconscious - the place with the power to create the changes you require.